Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Ramblings: A New Art Journal

What a week. SO FULL!!
The days start early and end early. 
I had renamed Brenna grumpy butt and myself whiny britches, but I think we are pulling out of that.
What better way to pull out than with some art.
And sleep.
 For once, the sleep has won out, but the art is a close second.

I discovered a little community on Face Book called Journaling Bible Community and the Pinterest page of the Blogger, Shanna Noel.
I was instantly drawn to using a Bible as an art journal.

I rummaged around and found this Bible that I have had for at least 20 years.

Which you can see by the broken binding and the general wear and tear. 
I haven't wanted to get rid of this one because it has so many memories for me of constantly going back to it to find what I needed to do those early child raising years well.

I found some packaging paper I have saved and took some india ink and a paint brush to it, once again reveling in repetition.

I dug around and found some book binding tape I had purchased long ago for some forgotten project and taped it to the binding of the Bible.

I chose three colors just for simplicity's sake and went to town.

I used acrylic paints and some acrylic paint markers and then went over some details with a black marker.

After that, I cut out squares a little larger than the cover and glued it on, folding over the inside cover.
I debated about covering the book binding, and then chose to cut a strip to glue over it to complete the cover.

Yes, I had to do this twice thanks to my sleep deprived self.

I added sheet music to finish it off. 
Pretty proud to say that only took one cut.

I finished off the outside with a coat of decoupage and smoothed it over with an old hotel key card. Then tried desperately to not think of summer vacation.

Then the fun really kicked in: 

In this particular edition, there are spaces that have small devotional writings, so I covered those with Gesso and went to work art journaling.
A little water color, a little stamping, a little Aquarelle Marker and black ink pen. Oooh-white gel pen, too!

The next page I just covered part of the devotional with white acrylic paint. I think I'll like this better as the Gesso I have is a little rough. I ended up gluing on a piece of sheet music that I drew on over the paint, so I'll have to try it again and see what I think.

I looooove doing this. I can forget all the rules and play.
No small notes on the side margins that I can't see.
No yellow highlighter.
No highlighter, period.

It's all about ink and paint and I even tried running a page through the sewing machine. 
It didn't work very well, but who cares? I tried it. Maybe I'll hand stitch instead.
hmmmm...better wait until I have more sleep under my belt.

My advice? 
Go for it!
 Find an old book, an old Bible, maybe an old dictionary or a thrift store book and go to town.
Use acrylics, stamps, scrapbook stuff, glue, decoupage, markers, you name it.
It's all yours and there are no rules.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Balancing Act

So, I had a great idea for a blog post yesterday. It was something about rain and how it cleans our brains and there is nothing like an amazing summer thunderstorm.
The theme of the rain was supposed to coincide with anxiety and letting go and how I've found relief in a tutorial from Fran's blog about lettering and isn't it a little strange to find (compulsive) repetitive motion a way to let my mind wander.

That was before I was thrown into what I call the end of summer, which for me is like, oh, I don't know...torment.
Instead, I'll ramble in a true fashion and show you pretty pictures.

Bus pick up time for the new transitional program Brenna is entering at our local high school:
6:30 am
Wake up time for mom?
Now, I like to think of myself as a morning person. But this is not true and has been reinforced all through out my day today.

We find out that the real bus pick up time 
 is somewhere around 7:00
Many thanks to the bus driver for changing what she had told in the beginning and then not telling me later. Many. Many thanks.

List of anxious thoughts for mom-
 (which lead to liking repetitive and small motions in art and lettering)
waking up early and havoc it will wreak on Brenna
new program
new teacher
learning job skills
waking up early and the havoc it will wreak on Brenna
IEP meetings
juggling early morning wake ups and doctor appts., and night time activities, which apparently now will be non-existent.
hoping that this program will do what it says it will do and teach my child life skills and job skills.
Anxious thoughts for Brenna:

She came home today full of smiles and excitement over lots of activities at school and promptly snapped my head off.
See above for list for life skills and wreaking havoc.

I'm sure by next week I will have found that whining does no good, be fully in the groove of a new season and actually rejoicing at the early wake up time and HOW MUCH I CAN GET DONE DURING THE DAY!!!
I'm sure by next week, I'll have so much art work done, it will astound you. And me.
By next week, Brenna will have a job at Trader Joe's. Or the movie theater, and on top of that she won't be snapping my head off when she comes in the door.

Until then, I'm going to bed at 4:00 in the afternoon.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Ramblings: I'm Baaaaaack!

How is everyone?
I'm back, ready to get back into blogging and I can't wait to come and visit and see what everyone has been up to.
July was summer in all it's glory.

We turned 29

We celebrated a very special wedding.

Brenna and I headed to San Diego, where she was a Leader-In-Training at a camp in Coronado

all good leaders dress up on pirate day!

I played wedding coordinator for these two

I did a little art in whatever form I could fit in...

Brenna and I had a couple of long afternoons coloring together

I found some Spiritual Whitespace

Enjoyed some quiet

The beginning of August brought more preparations for the upcoming wedding,
and SOMEone somehow turned 20.

Together, we celebrated all good things.

Can't wait to hear how everyone is doing!

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Vacation

Happy Fourth Of July!!!
Can you believe it? 
The height of summer-it's in full swing.
Days full of heat, sun, water, cricket song at night, and rest.
Our July has fun things coming up:
Camp for Miss B, vacation, and a dear friend's wedding celebration, Dr. appt. for my arm and the quest for rest and learning more while on sabbatical. 

I'll be taking the rest of the month off and will check back in the beginning of August.
I've never done this before, but I'm learning new ways to rest and recharge the creative and spiritual side of me.
So, enjoy summer and all it has to offer. 
Do something new. Rest. Rejuvenate yourself in small ways. 
But whatever you find yourself doing, I hope you are enjoying it!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Sabbatical


Coming from the Hebrew word "shabat", it literally means a ceasing.
It's a rest from work, or a break, lasting two months to a year.
In being halted from doing lots of things I normally do, I am tentatively looking at the time my shoulder break needs to heal as a sort of "sabbatical", or a gift.
A good thing. 

A novel concept, huh?
Seeing this whole ridiculous time in my life as a gift?

Unfortunately, my first thoughts are, "Why? Why should I see this broken shoulder time as a break? A rest? A gift?"
Rest isn't something I naturally do for an extended time, all though it's something I often think about.
I can struggle all I want. 
Or all I think I need to. Which, really is just pride. 
It doesn't do me much good, 'cause my shoulder just isn't going to work.
I am deciding to learn during these days.
I desire to learn to accept this accident as a gift of restorative time.

And if I deny this TIME I have been given, aren't I shaming the Gift-giver?
So, each day, I will purposely open this gift. 
Savor it.
Lean into it.
Find quietness in it.
Find more of myself in it.
Find the beauty in it.

Hoping you will find a gift of time to open just for you today.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Broken

Well, hello!
It's been a while, so I'll just spend a little time catching up as typing isn't so fun right now.

Our girl graduated with flying colors.

She had a blast, gave an aMAZing speech with her bestest friend in front of the huge crowd, marched herself across the stage for her diploma and showed us all what living in the present moment is all about.

However, her sister and I were a weepy MESS.
So. Many. Emotions.

We managed to forget to take a family photo, but I did get one with her super teacher.

After graduation and all the celebration, we had the house tented for termites.
Oh, wait. I forgot about the great ant invasion BEFORE graduation.
A large colony decided to make itself known two days before all the graduation company came.
They, along with the dreaded termites, are gone now, hopefully to never be seen again.
When we hit the hotel where we stayed while the house was being tented, I don't think I moved for a solid three hours.
I also learned crappy hotel coffee tastes divine in bed.

We moved back into the house, which took three days. It's pretty cool what I can do with only my left arm and Brenna as my right arm.

After putting the house back together, I had an MRI done on my shoulder and got the results:

Fractured outside wall of the shoulder, contusion on the rotator cuff and inflammation of the bicep  muscle.
I am actually rejoicing, because this means NO SURGERY!!!
It also means no lifting with my right arm for six weeks, but I'll take broken and bruised over surgery any day.

photo by brenna

And art? 
Seriously cannot NOT do it. 
I am learning to do some (lots of) things with my left hand and am realizing if I take my time,  don't move my arm, but just move the paper, I can do small, simple journal entries.
Or, I can move my arm a lot more and then spend quite a bit of time icing my shoulder.

thankful for peel away letter masks by Hazel & Ruby

These summer days, I'm learning more than I ever imagined about rest.
About being needy and vulnerable.
About being thankful, the present moment, grace and a huge host of other things.

How about you?
Is your summer looking any different than how you planned?

Happy Friday!!!

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