Thursday, May 21, 2015

Messy But Beautiful

When I first thought of the sentence for this print, it was during a week of chaos.
It was totally fun chaos, but chaos nonetheless. 
You know the kind: throwing yourself into a project that you can sink your teeth into and enjoying every moment of it.
Inevitably, the rest of life goes by the wayside and can be an absolute mess in a matter of minutes: dishes, bills, papers to sign for school, and for some reason, people still need to eat dinner and the laundry fairy never EVER shows up.

The other part of messy comes in the form of
art shows and bronchitis for your child and more bronchitis and another art show and then....
shingles on your face. 
Yeah. So messy.
The beautiful part is thankfulness in the midst of the mess. Not exactly FOR the mess,
but IN the messiness, finding a reason to say thank you:

a well-timed doctor visit
my couch
my family

Now I'm finished with shows, Brenna's bronchitis has cleared, my shingles have healed and I'm only left with either a stabbing feeling in my head or itching like I want to scratch my face off.
Some beautiful, some messy.

You can find this print in my ETSY shop.
Just in case you or someone you know needs a reminder that even though the laundry fairy never shows up when you need her and you haven't done dishes for four days or you want to put a bag over your face, somehow, somewhere along the way, it ends up being okay.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Highs and Lows

After a wildly successful show at Red Dirt, I was pretty excited to continue on my merry way and get ready for the next show in Balboa. (this is known as a high)

As life would have it, after a sweet weekend and a massive clean up my in art room, Brenna came home from school and said her "whole body hurt". (this would be considered a low)

Available: Various stages of flight, each 8x10 framed.

 I thought this would be a sick where I could get lots done while she laid around watching movies.(looking for a high in a low)

But, as it turns out, she is fever-sick and it's no fun. (low)
But the sister and brother-in-law hung out with her and watched movies. (high)

Available: "Having Fun" mixed media, 9x12, framed.

And I made soup. (high)
And lost a lot of sleep. (low)
But it rained, so it was nice to hunker down. (high)

no, it doesn't say "hop", it says "hope" 6x6 small truths canvases available

But I'm beginning to feel the slight edge of panic (low) for the Balboa Art Walk, for which I'm so excited. (high)
So, when I get a good night's sleep, (high) I will realize that even if I didn't do anything else, (possibly a low) I could practice what I paint, (low or high-take your pick by now) go to the next show, and have a great time. (high)

Available: 8x10 matted print

But I'll eventually get more done cause there is still a week. (high)
Aaaanndd.. no matter what, Sunday the 17th will roll around and  I'll be on Opal street on Balboa Island. (high)
Which is more than a week away. (high)
And I'm really not making any sense (low-for you) so I'll stop. (back up to high for you)

Happy Friday!

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Don't Look Back

I have so. much. stuff. All over the living room floor in preparation for the Red Dirt Art Festival this Saturday.
Laundry is everywhere.
There are not one, but TWO to-do lists laying around. (One for home, one for art show prep)
They look at me and vie for my attention.
But I don't think I'll give them that much power today.

I'll pat myself on the back when I cross something off,
I will do laundry as I can and give myself a treat.
Maybe I'll mop the floor this week.
But probably not.
I'll write a blog post on a Monday instead of a Friday.

I will enjoy the mess before the show and remind myself I like to dig around, gather and put things together and make it look pretty.

Cause if I keep looking back and seeing what I didn't do, this week will be a wash. And who wants to live in that kind of negativity? 

Let's look forward this Monday.
Look forward to the good the week will bring, what we will release and let go of and what we can enjoy!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Celebrate The Small Things

I sat down at my desk this morning and realized that is was Friday.
I knew it was Friday.
But as I sat at the desk, I KNEW it was Friday.

As in:
I haven't done a blog post yet.
Laundry needs to be done today.
A large canvas I started is whispering at me to finish it.

Brenna has a dr. appt. this afternoon AND it's Light and Power Prom tonight.
The calendar screamed at me that my next show is two weeks away.

As I feel the familiar fear creeping into my body, I decide to listen to Rend Collective on Pandora and write out the quote,
"Celebrate the small things."

How often do you do this?
If you are like me, it isn't much. 
I'm better at throwing a party to tell myself I haven't done enough.

So not inspiring. 
So bad for my internal health.

I'm gonna practice turning it around.
Let's celebrate.

Did you forget to write a blog post on the only day you write one?
Write a little one, put a picture up and say, "Happy Friday, friends!" 
Now go outside and lift your face to the sun and say "Yes. Thank you."

Was there a load of laundry done? Maybe not three or four, but one?
Buy yourself a CUPCAKE.

art journal entry done with Rapido Sketch pen .35 and Staedtler pigment liner 0.5

How about lunch? 
Maybe there might have been an apple in there somewhere instead of just the left over bag of baked cheetos consumed.
That deserves a big HOORAY and a pat on the back.
Way to go, you.

Doesn't the day seem a little better?

30x30 canvas in progress

I'm gonna practice this all day today and see what happens.

Happy Friday, friends.
I'm going outside to say thank you.
Love to you.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Puppy Love

Meet June.

 She's a ten-week-old-puppy-breath-bundle of love.
And she isn't mine.
June belongs to my eldest daughter and son-in-law.

However, Miss June has been spending time with us for a couple of days while her "mom and dad" settle into their new digs.

Not that we mind.
June shares a lot, and likes to lay on a blanket in my art room.
I know, I know. She'll wake up any day now.
But by that time she will be at her house with mom and pop.
So, I'll soak up the puppy love for a few days.

Do you remember those first weeks with a puppy at night?
I think I've blacked them out. It's seriously been so long that all it took was one sleepless night to remember why I don't ever want a puppy again.
God Bless my daughter and her husband-youth is on their side.
I'll just do a puppy fix and hand her back.

Speaking of love-
I think you might love these....
(geez. what a segue.)

I call them "Small Truths" and they will be available at the Red Dirt Art Festival, Saturday, May 2nd.


The Balboa Art Walk, Sunday, May 17th.

They are simple, but carry a hefty message with each one.
The size is approximately 5x5 and they can hang or tuck into a bookcase or a bedside table or even a kitchen back splash to bring some truth into your day.

Short and sweet today, as I'm short on sleep...

 But very blessed.
Enjoy your weekend!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hooray for Friday

Happy Friday.
Man, this week went by fast.

I have been buckling down in the art room to get ready for the 
Saturday, May 2
It will be the 10th Anniversary!

I'm working on (new) designs for the (vintage) book pages.

I love the new quotes I have come across that really fit with the pages.

journal page done with dylusions spray, black staedtler .01 pen and copic marker.

I'm doing some journal work in between pages, wondering where all these birds will end up!
The lettering is getting to be more and more fun for me to do.
It will be even better when I find a light that is somewhat portable and has super powers.
Until then, I'll be working on the lines around my eyes by doing my squinting exercises.

More birds and little bitty canvases. Some birds stay in the journal, others take flight...

Hoping you are taking flight this weekend!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Opening My Eyes and Throwing In The Towel.

Spring Break has sprung and honestly?
I'm over it.
It just hasn't been one of our best. 
In fact, I call it a perfect storm.
A husband working two weeks straight, a sick child, disappointments, frustrations, a child barfing everywhere due to antibiotics, a heat wave, a big no- well, you get the idea.

I'm not one to whine. 
But for crying out loud.

There were a couple of highlights..

Brenna made cake pops with a friend and I ate a lot of them.
We went bowling.

How is it, though, in the midst of such a storm it's a struggle to see the good? 
Maybe that's just the nature of a storm.

art journal done in left over gelli print paint, anthropologie magazine cut out and vintage sheet music.

I tried going through my manifesto, a little art journaling, turning up the music, sleeping in, coffee, you name it.

I gave up last Sunday and stayed home from church and took coffee outside and dug into a fabulous article written by Emily P. Freeman, entitled "When Your Heartbeat Feels Like A Drumbeat".
In the post, Emily talks about longing and limitations and meeting Jesus at the intersection of the two.
It stopped me in my tracks (at the intersection) and had me re - thinking a lot and just plain thinking.

Even though there have been multiple times I have thrown in the towel on the day over the last two weeks, the post has opened my eyes and heart in ways I was just not expecting, and kind of redeemed the last few days in a hard but beneficial way. In a bending metal with your bare hands good kind of way. Not really the throwing confetti good kind of way. But good.

Maybe Spring Break hasn't been a total wash.
 But holy moly, I'll be glad to see next week.

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